Ming's Recycling offers brokerage service to customers throughout the United States and worldwide. We handle more than 16,000 tons of recyclable materials per month. We have an extensive network of consumers and suppliers, both domestic and overseas.

Ming's Recycling is committed to provide excellent service, quality products, competitive pricing, and prompt payments and deliveries. Our staff is experienced and well-trained to process transactions, track shipments, and ensure accurate and timely payment. We also offer on-site pick-up and delivery service.

Ming's Recycling is constantly expanding our brokerage business, both in customer base and product lines. We handle a vast variety of commodities. Please feel free to contact us for more details, and we look forward to do business with you.


 - #1 PET -- post consumer bottles, post industrial bottles, clean flakes, regrind, purge, preforms, film
 - #2 HDPE -- post consumer bottles, injection grade, film, other industrial scraps
 - #3 PVC -- trays, film, and other industrial scraps
 - #4 LDPE -- stretch film, color bags, bottles
 - #5 PP -- trays, caps, bags
 - #6 PS -- MIPS, HIPS, CD cases, film
 - #7 Others -- PC, PC/ABS, acrylic, mixed rigid plastic

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 - #3 SMP -- super mixed paper
 - #6/#8 ONP -- old newspaper
 - #11 OCC -- old corrugated cardboard
 - #37 OP -- office pack
 - Others -- high grade paper products

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Non-Ferrous Metal

 - Aluminum
 - Copper
 - Brass
 - Radiators
 - Others

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Ferrous Metal

 - Tin cans

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